Parables is a community trying to build loving relationships in Williamsburg, Brooklyn through sharing stories, making art, and re-imagining the scripture and symbols of the Christian tradition through the lens of our lives. We gather as a community of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.

During the month of September we share stories of wrestling with the people we love while gathering in Keap Fourth Community Garden (347 Keap St.) on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month (September 14th and 28th).

9/14 (Sunday 3pm) — Jacob Wrestles with God in Keap Fourth Community Garden (347 Keap St.)

9/28 (Sunday 3pm) — Brothers Reunited in Keap Fourth Community Garden (347 Keap St.)

10/4 (Saturday 7pm) — Laudes Creaturarum Nature and Spirituality Art Show at St. Paul’s (334 S. 5th St).

10/12 (Sunday 3pm) — Making Vows in the bell tower (334 S. 5th St).

10/26 (Sunday 3pm) — The Wisdom of Solomon and the Reformation (334 S. 5th St).